Strategic Initiatives at the Fischler School of Education are a response to the market need to develop educational enterprises that provide mutual benefits with sustainable innovations for a myriad of stake-holders. These mutual benefits provide the Fischler School and our corporate partners with the potential to create new opportunities for teaching, research, and improved business practices, while enhancing students’ educational experience and learning in higher education.

Office of Strategic Initiatives

The Fischler School of Education has a long history of successful partnerships with various schools and school districts, e-learning corporations, and educational enterprises, which can be attributed to a singular dedication to developing solutions that meet an organization’s specific needs. Flexible program delivery options allow for the most innovative, accessible, and technologically advanced programs in the nation. Our alliances with leaders in the field of educational research provide an opportunity for the Fischler School to share the latest in research, trends, and innovation with our students, other alliances, as well as the global community.

The Office of Strategic Initiatives provides alliance management by offering strategic value to all our educational alliances, by facilitating the creation of customized programs for educators, thereby increasing enrollment in the school’s programs. In an educational marketplace that is dynamic and competitive, we strive to find viable solutions to meet current trends in education while staying ahead of the curve. We foster and develop relationships and partnerships to meet the changing needs and demands of society and surrounding communities by identifying cutting-edge solutions and emerging strategic issues.

Our goal is to create additional avenues for educators in various disciplines such as technology, business, education, innovation, research, and sustainability that will provide them with greater access to the Fischler School’s wide range of programs, including; degrees, certificates, training, and professional development. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in the quest to provide world class service and cause an effect.

Alliance management by S.I.G.E.A.D includes:

  • Facilitating the development and execution of strategic partnerships
  • Coordinating the promotion of strategic partnerships, as well as the Fischler School’s programs in conjunction with the Marketing department, by offering support and effective succession planning to all partnership organizations
  • Providing initiative related strategy development
  • Cultivating global and national corporate partnerships to offer systemic improvement and innovation.
  • Creating and fostering local South Florida community relationships to provide support and resources for the enhancement of teaching and school administrative practice, and research and human services through socially relevant programming.
  • Fostering internal and external programs in support of educational and human services research and in support of broader concerns of social consciousness.